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Chris Savage commented in the preceding entry:
We are handing the next century to our strategic competitors. For (mainly) corporate welfare. It makes me nearly ill to think about.
John Robb today provided a pointer to a a US China comparison by Umair Haque
Excellent structural analysis on America’s decline by Umair Haqueque:. Peers behind the curtain […]

Rollie Cole responded:
Gordon forward John Robb’s post, which said in part:
“Our current economy doesn’t differentiate between rival and non-rival
goods. Nearly everything is sold or traded as if it is a rivalrous
good, even though the transactional volume of non-rival goods is
starting to dwarf the trade in rival goods.
Something to think about.”
I’d like us to […]

I have become fan of John Robb’s Global Guerrillas Blog. An excellent overview of technology political social and economic chaos lapping at our feet. He recommends thinking about and constructing resilient communities as centralized top heavy top down command structures fail to cope.
On November 17 Robb wrote:
RC JOURNAL: Accelerating the […]

Sara Wedeman has given Scot Cleland’s telco astroturf it’s just deserts. (Cleland suggested that support for Net Neutrality had been the cause of defeat for 95 congressional candidates. The 95 alleged were roughly 30 more than the total number of seats lost for whatever reason let alone support Net Neutrality.) Update: […]