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Archive for April, 2008

Email just now from a throwback to the Internet bubble of 1999:
For Immediate Release
Contact: Courtney Musella
Phone: 802-857-1237
Retail Marketing Group’s New Marketing Plan
Partnership with MyWebGrocer to Launch Full Online Channels……
About MyWebGrocer: Number one in the industry, MyWebGrocer leads grocery retailers to profit in the online world since 1999.
I called Courtney […]

I found out last week why Kilnam Chon put me on the program in Xian China last summer.
Seems in the museum area I am a horrible raging iconoclast. Why? Because i think that archive projects should make what they archive readily available over the internet.
The Taiwan NDAP project is doing wonderful work. But what […]

An expert in Domain names wrote in a private list:
The .COM and .NET adjusted base surpassed 80.4 million domain name registrations at the end of 2007. Meanwhile, registry fees will rise 7% for .COM and 10% for .NET in October. That’s $.46 more for VeriSign’s bottom line for every .COM registration and $.36 more […]