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When conversation about Reggefiber in the Netherlands moved to OnsNet in Neunen, I asked: How much of onsnet’s success is due to the dynamic personality of Kees Rovers its prime mover?
I know someone who thought this was the case and was really keen to try to copy and export what Kees is doing? […]

Tom Evslin writes:
A deal announced today between British Telecom and upstart FON allows BT’s Internet customers to share their own broadband connections via WiFi and, in turn, be able to access WiFi free at “thousands” (doesn’t say how many) of FON hotspots around the world operated by other Foneros.
Full post is here.
Evslin adds: According […]

Susan Crawford writes in her new paper: The Radio and the Internet: The problem is this: What is the “public interest” to be served by telecommunications regulation at a time when all formerly separate communication technologies (telephone, broadcast, cable, satellite) are converging into packet-switched online media? What problem should the FCC be trying […]

Susan Crawford has shared a new paper with me and says that it will be publicly available on ssm.com within a week. Meanwhile she has given me premission to quote. [News flash: It’s there now- she just emailed me. Download it here.
Here is how she frames what she is doing:
Nothing much […]

Once upon a time when phone service was considered a utility that was important to the stability of the economy, it was regulated. The FCC required fairly rigorous reporting as did the SEC on the part of the phone companies as to the size of their networks and the costs of running them. […]

Recently a list member quoted Art Brodsky as saying that a major question was that the CWA would be key to “whether the Internet will continue to be open, or whether the telephone and cable companies will turn it into an instrument under their control. The prospects are not encouraging.”
Part of this issue is lurking […]

Kevin Werbach: We’ve just posted the full video from John Kneuer’s Supernova session on spectrum and broadband policy, with the subsequent lively audience conversation around network neutrality:
Cook’s Edge: I have posted a good bit about Kneuer. I watched the video fragment. And I watched the whole video that Kevin just posted. The whole […]

Cook’s Edge: An online article in the Register grossly exaggerated what happened during John Kneuer’s presentation at Supernpova on June 22.
The author claimed that Supernova 2007 A San Francisco tech show degenerated into a shouting match today, after a pugnacious Bush commerce official squared off with heated supporters of net neutrality.
John Kneuer, the assistant secretary […]

My list has been discussiiong the potential longevity of the wireline copper plant.
Tom Evslin wrote:
The way this plant is removed from the balance sheet is by creating a reverse Morris trust and using it to convey these underperforming assets to a small company before they lose more value and absorb more cash either for […]

A subtitle to the title above is probably needed - in which case here it is
Because just think of the disaster we’d be facing if ATT owned all that fiber!
T would have a nearly impregnable silo fortress that it would use on behalf of it share holders. Their perceived gain would likely be […]

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