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I asked Susan to comment on the issues of Milton Freidman and the death of public interest and the Kevin Martin FCC.
She replied: The problem with hymns to the free market is that the workings of that market depend on the existence of government boundaries. Without a level playing field of some kind (including antitrust […]

I grew up believing in an America that i can no longer recognize. War Department films that informed the public during World War II of the struggle to save Europe from the darkness of facism and nazism were given to my father at the end of the war by the War Department. Beginning […]

Whenever I try to look at policy and economic issues affecting what I think most of us see as a less than healthy direction for the Internet and’ telecom in this country, I run into a fundamental change in the atmosphere of our political life. I can remember - just barely — […]

To say a few more words about some of the remaining books in my stack, the Rocky Nook are clearly for professional photographers or wanna-be professional photographers. And again, they’re very good in that they’re not just cookbooks in how to use software. They’re cookbooks in how to use software in photographic processes, such as […]

The whole question of what a “keeper” is, is interesting. When you’ve come to have strong feeling for some of your pictures, you do want to use these tools to really get them in shape. “Keepers” are talked about in Briot’s Mastering Landscape Photography, the Luminous Landscape Essays.
I would say out of all these books, […]

The range of these books is quite interesting, in that for example, two that I’ve had for about a year,
Fine Art Printing for Photographers
Scanning Negatives and Slides.
Particularly now that I’ve started into my negatives, I’m disappointed and I’m not sure that I’ll ever manage to take the time […]

When I asked for and received review copies of Photoshop Lightroom Adventure, and the Rocky Nook Managing Your Photographic Workflow with Lightroom, those two books intrigued me so much as I flipped through them that I went out and bought a copy of Lightroom a few weeks ago. Now that I have started to use […]

While I have published the Cook Report on Internet Protocol for 16 full years as of April 1, 2008, by avocation I am increasingly finding myself a passionate photographer. I’ve drifted into photography over the past 15 years because I was lucky enough to travel in the 1990s, making 9 trips to Russia where I’d […]

In the summer of last year Mahabir sent me this remarkable 48 page report with the caution that he was just turning it into the World Bank from which he had received a $20,000 grant to further extend his network. The report was a summary of what he had done through the summer of […]

Five years ago I was plunging into what became the Everest Base Camp cybercafe project. I didn’t know it at the the time but the real work was going on in the Annapurnas 200 miles to the west of Everest.
Mahabir Pun (BA, in Education, University of Nebraska) had reeturned to Nangi his village nestled […]

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