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On July 7th Tom Evslin wrote the best assessment so far of network neutrality in the context of telco belief in its inalienable right to access charges.
This morning he has another very good one called VoIP Over WiFi WILL Disrupt the Cellular Industry
A small “teaser”
WiFi support in mobile phones will wipe out […]

Yesterday on my private list Kevin Marks posted: The House banned MySpace (and arguably much more) use in schools because of fear-mongering about predators 410-15. This is analogous to banning all restaurants and bars in DC because congressmen are bribed by lobbyists in them. More detail here.
Jeff Sterling who ran […]

What is the grand champion of waste in the charitable Universal Service fund?
Sandwich Isles Communications: Political Connections Pay Off
Special from Hawaii Free Press
By Andrew Walden, 6/4/2005
“In a little-noticed May 16 2005 ruling, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted a waiver necessary to allow Sandwich Isles Communications to complete construction of its $500 million […]

Kevin Markes writes about the latest gaff to come out of Congress.
Congress bans MySpace and blogs in Schools and Libraries
This law is like outlawing restaurants and bars in DC because Congressmen get bribed in them. DOPA is an example of the ‘poison gas’ view of the internet cloud.
H e adds that “Note that […]

While on the subject of Taiwan. Do Look at the movies made at the National Palace Museum.
They are truly stunning. I went on a day long bus ride around the island of Ohau with the young creator of this program at a Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Meeting last November.
Go to this page, click on the drop […]

One of the most remarkable men i have ever interviewed is Dr. Simon Lin of Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. This man typifies the open and collaborative culture nourished by the internet. Despite the fact that he is a nuclear physicist and computational scientist - his mind set is quite compatible with Doc Searls […]

This morning on Cybertelecom Erik Cecil wrote:
Now that the IXCs of the world are gone, ILECs are nothing but giant
transit providers. So they have to come up with a new theory of “cost
causation” b/c there’s no more IXCs (or CLECs) to fleece. But they’ve
been hard at work in their regulatory research labs. […]

Research and the Economy in a Financialized Society? Here is a very GOOD article over at Ars Technica that just connected some dots in my mind.
Are we really down to three endeavors of which our political will is to do only two?
1. Fighting of the monetization of a shrinking proprietary and intellectula […]

I am FTPing five items. All public domain documents. Publicly available if you know where to look.
Getting an adequate grasp of all the nuances at play here and translating it for general understanding is beyond my ability to allocate the necessary time. Therefore I am not going to pretend to do that. […]

Been talking with Doc Searles a bit, and am still feeling my way around in this new world. I like Doc’s “snowball” No, it’s “In the Beginning.”
But I have my own slightly different take.
Doc says: More than three years back, David Weinberger and I wrote World of Ends. I still think […]

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