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I am happy to report that even after loosing Martin Geddes - one of its founders - to JP Rangaswami at BT Design, the folks at Telco 2.0 are still putting out the best analysis of the need to change the global infrastructure and operating models of the global phone companies.
Here are some highlights from […]

Free, the broadband arm of Groupe Iliad is an increasingly important French national broadband player. Free’s management is extremely innovative.
Among other things on March 19 it announced that it is building an all IP mobile network so that it will no longer have to pay Orange for the circuits it resells. A very […]

Jaap van Till is another inventive Dutchman. See his article in the January 2009 Cook Report. On the Economics of IP Networks list he has come out with a new most interesting proposal.
“Last week I introduced in Holland the idea not of a new device/gadget, but of a cluster of gadgets which I […]

Benoit Felten writes to my Economics of Ip Networks list:
I just wanted to inform the good people on this list that I’d designed a Google Maps listing and (ultimately) detailing all the FTTH projects that I know of. It’s still a work in progress, as explained here, and I’d be happy for all the detail […]

When conversation about Reggefiber in the Netherlands moved to OnsNet in Neunen, I asked: How much of onsnet’s success is due to the dynamic personality of Kees Rovers its prime mover?
I know someone who thought this was the case and was really keen to try to copy and export what Kees is doing? […]

Meanwhile Dutch telecom Vincent Dekker journalist just responded to my earlier post about the Hettrick business model with the follwing welcome news.
Dekker: It’s been quite a while since I last reported something remarkable from the Netherlands, but I think this falls in that category.
For those of you who understand Dutch, here’s a link to the […]

I got an update from Dirk today of his on going encyclopedia of fiber builds in Europe.
Dirk begins:
Fiber on the rise
In a press release the OECD in October 2006 stated:
“Fibre to the home is becoming increasingly important for broadband access, particularly in countries with high broadband penetration.”
I recently found […]

Last week - over in Catalonia - where with i-Cat2, he’s involved in the local fiber build, Sergei Figuerola commented on a discussion of commercial Versions of UCLP becoming available.
UCLP stands for User Controlled Light Path. Some of my writings about it are to be found here and here. This is a […]

Responding to Herman Wagter’s statement on my Symposium mail list: Hendrik Rood added a new layer of complexity: One has to look not only at fiber architecture but also at its interplay with optical equipment at the ends. The spectral capacity of the passive optical network itself is so large that […]

Martin Geddes pointed out what he called an Interesting data point on PON vs Homerun
Herman Wagter who is carrying out the fiber build in Amsterdam responded:
To make a fine but relevant distinction: the original text claims an 8 % lower investment for PON compared to point-to-point. (Our estimates were of the same level of […]

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