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I have a hypothesis: The Bush administration came to power in December 2000. American telcos were on the precipice about to go into Free fall. We have seen how Bush politicized the Justice Department and are much more aware thanks to John Dean’s Broken Government and Charlie Savage’s Take Over of the […]

When conversation about Reggefiber in the Netherlands moved to OnsNet in Neunen, I asked: How much of onsnet’s success is due to the dynamic personality of Kees Rovers its prime mover?
I know someone who thought this was the case and was really keen to try to copy and export what Kees is doing? […]

Tom Evslin writes:
A deal announced today between British Telecom and upstart FON allows BT’s Internet customers to share their own broadband connections via WiFi and, in turn, be able to access WiFi free at “thousands” (doesn’t say how many) of FON hotspots around the world operated by other Foneros.
Full post is here.
Evslin adds: According […]

Meanwhile Dutch telecom Vincent Dekker journalist just responded to my earlier post about the Hettrick business model with the follwing welcome news.
Dekker: It’s been quite a while since I last reported something remarkable from the Netherlands, but I think this falls in that category.
For those of you who understand Dutch, here’s a link to the […]

Today Chris Savage posted a query to Cybertelecom in which he asked (in short form): “suppose ubiquitous non-metered tax-funded municipal provision of high-bandwidth connectivity. On that assumption: (a) in the short run, what happens to the business models of existing players and (b) in the long run, what information/communication business models work?”
“My preliminary answer to […]