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from Michel Bauwens to my Economics of IP networks list today:
Dear All,
I’ve been enjoying the latest exchanges about the mentalities of bureaucratic and corporate leaders, having been in similar environments before.
As you perhaps know, I have been more and more interested in the age of the transition to feudalism, where the Roman leadership similarly could […]

I haven’t paid attention to Telco 2.0 in about 7 or 8 months. For shame!
If you have not looked at the output of Martin Geddes and crew its high time. What I have written about BT fits into the framework they are building - a very rich framework that goes way beyond […]

This morning’s mail brought news of a 3 minute 45 second video clip of very candid and very outstanding remarks from Vint Cerf. Vint says very clearly what needs to be said and what needs to be grasped and acted on by the new president and congress next year. The clip was […]

Here is a recent example of some of the very smart thinking that happens regularly on my Economics of IP Networks mail list. On July 21 Jaap wrote with regard to the NY Times article linked below:
Dear Gordon, Jan and Bill,
Yes, I read the article in CaNet below and also the […]

The August issue offers an exhaustive examination of the development of changes n wireless technology and spectrum licensing from 2003 to mid 2008. Peter Ecclesine explains the development of increasingly sophisticated global spectrum regulation that is opening spectrum in excess of 3 gHz to innovative use.The interview forecasts likely developments over the next five years […]

July is a special issue on the first seven years of Taiwan’s innovative National Digital Archive Program. It includes interviews conducted on site in April with four of the principals and explains how the program, that is the most cross disciplianry in the world, has not yet solved the IPR issues necessary to give it […]

The cowardly democrats have capitulated.
As a friend wrote: And here’s Glenn Greenwald with the latest - including a direct response to the “yeah but right after 9/11…” argument…
And yes its is the immunity for the telco’s that is especially inexcusable. And quite depressing to see that Obama threw in the towel - as my […]

I received several comments that made it clear that I failed to adequately describe what happened.
I wanted to achieve a copy of my boot drive from the Macpro to the drive of the Macbook pro. I connected as per what I thought were the instructions. I did use migration assistant. I […]