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When conversation about Reggefiber in the Netherlands moved to OnsNet in Neunen, I asked: How much of onsnet’s success is due to the dynamic personality of Kees Rovers its prime mover?
I know someone who thought this was the case and was really keen to try to copy and export what Kees is doing? […]

Sometimes in our worries about the Duopoly, we fail to recognize that some extraordinary wealth of opportunity sits right underneath our noses. National Lambda Rail is one such case. About six months ago I wrote in some detail about NLR and what made this entity different from previous attempts at research networks in […]

A comment from Bob Frankston today initiated a very good discussion:
“I was visiting friends for dinner and they were talking about their son who just went off to college. Apparently he doesn’t like his mother calling him because when is friends see him talking on the phone they know it’s his mother because they don’t […]

On August 23 (while I was in China) list member Lee S Drybrugh wrote in jest:”
I happened to bump into Peter Cochrane stating:”
“The good news is - bandwidth is free - and we have an infinite supply. “[1]
“Next by sheer accident I bumped into this in relation to Gilder:” “Telecosm argues that the world […]

For the last few days i have been doing research on the proposed NLR I2 merger. The gist of my research is that the merger is potentially a bad deal for NLR. You may find out why by reading the attached pdf or grabbing from the website at the URL below.
go […]

Just when I thought being on Linked In was enough, Facebook explodes.
JP Rangaswami over at Confused of Calcutta is halfway through a series of ten promised posts on facebook. I have just read them and share my favorite passage.
That’s what Four Pillars is about. Syndication. Search. Conversation. Fulfilment.

Where we are. Now.
And guess what, everything […]

Tim Nulty who runs Burlington Telecom wrote these interesting observations on my private mail list yesterday:
NB: we passed on Alcatel in favour of OSI–now Calix–and have been very happy we did…it has been solid as a rock. Acitive networks–e.g. PacketFront–were dismissed early for three very good reasons: a) substantially more costly to build […]

I am old enough to remember quite clearly most all of the highlights of the cold war. . . billed as the struggle between the free world and the “unfree” world aka Cpommunist bloc”. A new cold war is coming and this time those in power in the United States are on the wrong […]

Robrt X. Cringly on August 3rd exclaimed: Game Over: The U.S. is unlikely to ever regain its broadband leadership
Tom Vest wrote and shared with me a wise response:
Hi Bob,
You’ve got many parts of the story right, but a couple of small but critical details are missing or misstated.
You write that “The Telecommunications Act of […]

We had some informative discussion on spectrum policy on my list in July.
David Reed explained to Roland Cole why the regulatorium’s spectrum auctions cause the blood pressure of the radio engineers to rise.
Here is my translation of what David said: Basically it is because spectrum regulation was built on a 1920s knowledge of spectrum behavior. […]

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