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Archive for May, 2008

A hat tip and thank you to my Economic of IP Networks List that has just begun its fifth year. I saw the following in email today. Sprint and Clearwire to Combine WiMAX Businesses, Creating a New Mobile Broadband Company

The language of the press release was glowing: (What follows are just the […]

The June issue offers an indepth examination of the stratregy behind BT’s move from its role as incumbent carrier to its new role of offering a multi-sided services platform from 1990s role of speculative capital that almost bankrupted it to a foundation of production capital where, although share holder returns […]

The May issue offers a detailed introduction to Carlota Perez’s analysis of five mqjor technology revolutions over the past 250 years. It points out the overwhelming need to to break the sway of speculative capital and for the state to focus on productive capital to enable full deployment of the ICT revolution. Click here […]