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In response to the Washington Post article: Genachowski May be in Line for FCC Post
I asked my Economics of IP Networks list what they thought. Would it be a good choice?
Erik Cecil [See also] responded:
Great guy; very smart; fabulous experience - both in gov’t and business. I have no information, […]

I have seen the future and it can work – if we can gather the vision and do the necessary integration. I was science editor at the John von Neumann Supercomputer Center from 1987 to 1990. Twenty years later, in mid November 2008 I attended Supercomputing 2008, in Austin Texas. Nothing can […]

Lessons in Why National Fiber Infrastructure and
Carrier Unbundling Must Become Top Priority
On November 24, 2008 Bob Herbert wrote in the NY Times: “The idea that the nation had all but stopped investing in its infrastructure, and that officials in Washington have ignored the crucial role of job creation as the cornerstone of a thriving economy […]