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The Internet’s existence within the regulatory system has been a disastrous failure. Network Neutrality is fine as far as it goes. The problem is that it leaves the current abysmal system in place. on my Economics and Architecture of IP Networks Mail list, Erik Cecil has been deconstructing the regulatory system. Bottom […]

Health Care, Internet and IT at a Crossroads — Can Economic Stress Drive the Evolution of a New Patient-Centered Medical and IT Networked Paradigm?
The practice of medicine has not successfully dealt with the explosion of medical knowledge of the last half century. Practice became “siloed” into its numerous specialties in the first half […]

General issues:
This unusually long and detailed article compiled from my summers experience surveys what I believe to be the most up to date and most critical issues of the application of computers and information technology networks to healthcare. I point out that it is a system without a roadmap and without any recognized rules of […]

If a telco is capable of technology innovation, such a telco is undoubtedly BT. Over the course of the winter JB Rangaswami obtained the services of Telco 2.0 founder Martin Geddes. Consequently, I was eager to see what this portends for the continuing evolution of this national carrier that seems determined to invent a […]

The Strategic Evolution of a Firm that is not a Body Shop But People and Internet Centric
On May 26, 2009 we interviewed in St Petersburg Arcady Khotin, our friend since 1994. Arcady tells us the remarkable story of how he survived and prospered using the Internet during the transition from Soviet Russia to his […]

We lead off with a sketch of an article we wrote 30 years ago for the Futurist magazine on Dr. Lawrence leads ideas for computer-based medical records. This is the first occasion that I can remember where I went out of the way to tell the world the story of a new and very […]

Broadband Mapping p. 1
I have delayed publication of the July issue in order to present two interviews. The first, with Sara Wedeman, was done on June 4. We both have labored mightily to include it before final policy decisions are made in Washington, DC. This interview was inspired by April’s discussions relating to the efforts […]

In NJ, State Government Has Abrogated its Regulatory Responsibility Leaving Verizon to Act as Economic Predator

Our feature interview describes a multi year long streak of questionable practices by Verizon in New Jersey. We see the situation as a symbiotic relationship between politicians in state government who are happy to let Verizon continue to act as […]

Last month (April 2009) we began to explore Harvey Newman’s discovery of the necessary role for data networks in the world of research in high energy physics. We traced its development in the global network that enables the use of the Large Hadron Collider and examined the Collider itself and the research that it […]

Verizon is allowed to run itself like an Atlantic city casino where the house odds are reward the investor at the same time you give the CEOs and division presidents princely salaries while you with drawn from local tax obligations, sell off rural lines to a gullible Fairpoint in such a way as to send […]