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KPN is on the Move But to Where?
Yesterday KPN CEO Mr. Ad Scheepbouwer expressed in interest in mergers and acquisitions in central and eastern Europe. A reader in Holland called my attention to the following additional material.
“Scheepbouwer does not hide that the advance of cable, now that Casema, Essent & Multikabel have […]

Wasn’t it Dan Gilmor who first said readers know more than you do?
Thinking too hard about software issues on walled garden cell phones yesterday I conflated the garden with the entire world. I have not used a smartphone and not traveling much, my cell phone use is minimal. But here are a few things that […]

As handsets have become smarter and morph into pocket computers, they have gained an OS (Symbian, Microsoft CME, Palm etc). That OS has to communicate with all the hardware and with the phone’s user interface. It also has to communicate with the carrier’s billing systems and a carefully selected subset of the world […]

The handset makers - victims of their early success - have fallen into a trap that has emasculated them. What’s worse – they don’t know what to do about it.
Padmasree Warrior pointed out in her blog last fall that the cell phone is now the best selling consumer product in India. More cell […]

Poor Motorola
A big robust innovative company laid low on WallStreet last week because of the little appreciated fact that it’s biggest component - its cell phone design and manufacturing business is an appendage in the USA of perhaps 4 cell cos and in Europe of maybe 5 or 6 more. It may sell […]

Amsterdam is the location of the largest confluence of Internet fiber in the world. The very existence of this fiber is providing new business opportunities beyond what people of my generation could ever have imagined.
Rock concert mashups! What’s that? you say. Here you go.
Simple Minds and Motorpyscho live. Mashed Up.
Still need to […]

Watch this! It’s wonderful! Especially the last 5 minutes between John Perry Barlow and Larry Lessig. It occurs to me that points made at the very end are highly relevant to our discussions on who shall build and control the infrastructure of the broadband world. Progress will be very difficult until […]

Where does one stop?
There was a footnote in one of the papers Nico sent me today.
“There will be in-vehicle videoconferencing with business relations, while passengers can engage in gaming when stuck in a traffic jam and the kids can get help with their homework by means of the on-board camera. All of this will become […]

I have been exploring Holland since early last summer. James Enck certainly understand what a hot bed of innovation it is. James introduced me to Herman Wagter, who became the first citizen of the Netherlands to join my discussion list. Nico Baken recently became the 10th, Dirik Willem van Gulik the 11th and an […]

I am a Mac User - since 1986. Love the company and its products. And yes the do know how to design - the iPhone is wondrous. Yet Apple gets a D- minus for the effort in my book. The comment I value is over whelming negative because Steve Jobs has […]

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