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For the last few days i have been doing research on the proposed NLR I2 merger. The gist of my research is that the merger is potentially a bad deal for NLR. You may find out why by reading the attached pdf or grabbing from the website at the URL below.
go […]

Writing from Daejong Korea, a city of 1 million east of Seoul dedicated to Science and Technololgy Research Institutes. On my list this morning - or evening depending of what side of the world one is on…..
A list member asked for “suggested names of bureaucrats who work in telecomregulation and familiar with Network […]

Just when I thought being on Linked In was enough, Facebook explodes.
JP Rangaswami over at Confused of Calcutta is halfway through a series of ten promised posts on facebook. I have just read them and share my favorite passage.
That’s what Four Pillars is about. Syndication. Search. Conversation. Fulfilment.

Where we are. Now.
And guess what, everything […]

Tim Nulty who runs Burlington Telecom wrote these interesting observations on my private mail list yesterday:
NB: we passed on Alcatel in favour of OSI–now Calix–and have been very happy we did…it has been solid as a rock. Acitive networks–e.g. PacketFront–were dismissed early for three very good reasons: a) substantially more costly to build […]

Susan Crawford writes in her new paper: The Radio and the Internet: The problem is this: What is the “public interest” to be served by telecommunications regulation at a time when all formerly separate communication technologies (telephone, broadcast, cable, satellite) are converging into packet-switched online media? What problem should the FCC be trying […]

Susan Crawford has shared a new paper with me and says that it will be publicly available on ssm.com within a week. Meanwhile she has given me premission to quote. [News flash: It’s there now- she just emailed me. Download it here.
Here is how she frames what she is doing:
Nothing much […]

I am old enough to remember quite clearly most all of the highlights of the cold war. . . billed as the struggle between the free world and the “unfree” world aka Cpommunist bloc”. A new cold war is coming and this time those in power in the United States are on the wrong […]

BT - Making Partners of Your Customers
At Supernova on June 20 JP Rangaswamy and his colleague Jeremy Ruston presented a 95 minute workshop introducing BT’s new 21 CN Developers Website. BT is effectively trying to kick start an open source community that will develop its own tools designed to work with the web services interface […]

How to Help Enterprises Cope with Internet Globalization and the Increasing Speed of Change?
Deloitte Touche it seems is one of a number of firms deciding that the future for its consulting services lies in its ability to show the major enterprises of the world that its expertise in enabling them to understand the changing shape […]

How Level 3 Went from an Inter City Long Haul Fiber Network to a Metro Based End-to-End Alternative toVerizon and ATT for Enterprises
Level 3 has managed to change from an intercity carrier vulnerable to Qwest attacks into an end-to -end IP carrier connecting upwards of 7000 enterprise buildings in 120 metropolitan areas. This accomplishment should […]

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