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On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 02:29:33PM -0800, Richard Bennett wrote: (pardon me if this message is not formatted correctly, T-bird doesn’t like this list)
I agree that this is not the proper venue for discussion of the politics of Internet regulation; the post I wrote for GigaOm has comments enabled, and many people with an […]

COOK’s Edge: Richard Bennett has been flaking the ITIF Foundations view on Net Neutrality for many months. He wandered into Nanog and very foolishly picked a fight there. The result at 8:39 this morning he wrote to Randy Bush

I didn’t bring this discussion over here, hippie.

COOK’s Edge: Not a wise […]

I had been wonderin about what Larry lessig would have to say regarding the obscene ACTA treaty that the Obama admins bought and paid for copyright lawyers are shepherding through.
A post from bill st arnaud provided the key to finding the answer.
the role of “fair use” in a time of CHANGE
and copyright […]

Cloud Computing

Looking into Tim Cowen’s Open Computing Alliance.
There is a good paper on the site on where standards efforts for cloud computing are.
And from Bill St Arnaud a pdf on what Microsoft is doing. making a pitch to research networks which have the bandwidth but pehaps not the data centers?