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COOK’s Edge:  Our problems are far more political and educational than technological.  With that in mind i have been looking for non techies to leaven the “stew” - economists, behavioral psychologists and sociologists to add to my discussion group.
Consider what Mark Cooper, Research Director of the Consumer Federation of America, wrote today:
As a sociologist by […]

A friend wrote:
I see the source of the problem as the present system.  This is because of continual attempts to hold together a statute and regulatory corpus that has more stitches than Frankenstein and more twists, curves and double back loops than all the roller coasters in America.  All of this twisting and morphing […]

Ron Yokubaitis, Chairman of Data Foundry made an outstanding filing with the FTC on February 28, 2007.
The filing focuses on IMS as the tool for Whittacre Tiering as the means of destroying a neutral internet. it says:
IMS is the tool that will be used to implement tiering, and is a mechanism for destruction of […]

On March 10 an event the outcome of which will be critical for the future of the Internet in the United States occurred. Tracy Futhey, Chair National LambdaRail and Jeffrey Lehman, Chair Internet2 issued a joint letter that began:
Dear Colleagues,
Over the past four weeks, we have conducted private conversations aimed at finding […]

Also from my list:
David P. Reed: The following could -have-been-so-story comes from Andy Lippman, who
says it didn’t happen.  I call it the Parable of Xerox.
Xerox in the 1980’s discovered that the market for copiers was not growing fast enough, so it looked for other sources of growth. Market researchers asked what “adjacent and complementary value […]

Bob Frankston, author of Visicalc, is the most prolific author on my mail list.  His goal is to disassemble all telecom and let people build their own via copper fiber and radios.  He is very uncompromising and can be exasperating because of that.  But he is certainly also provocative as he tries to teach others […]

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In California I talked with someone involved in the production of Star Wars. And that night I had a dream. A hooded figure who’s eyes I could see only as glowing fires beneath her cowl. She stomped her feet. The cowl feel down and low – She’s Yoda. When […]

Recently I said to my list: look what i bumped into
February 23,2006
First, the Arbitrator’s Decision unfairly and discriminatorily cripples Level 3’s ability to offer affordable dial-up connectivity to ISPs by means of VNXX arrangements, as compared […]

Whatever Happened to our Ability to Nurture Talent?
Strategists had better start asking themselves what it means to the American economy when young brilliant Americans like Mark Spencer who turns 30 next month chooses Open Source and starts his own company and 28 year old Sean Moss-Pultz, a native born Californian, whom I interviewed at e-Tel […]