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COOK’s Edge: Here is the sixth and final installment of my interview with James Hettrick.
Hettrick: I had hoped that Microsoft could help develop the on line virtual environment we need. But so far I am doubtful. They are too silo-ed. And that’s not a dig. It’s just myexperience in dealing with them. They […]

COOK Report: I like the way you are promoting collaboration on behalf of communities in providing incentives for vendors to be accountable.
Hettrick: Well you don’t do it all at once but you do it systematically over time so that you are qualifying the results by networking people and their experience and as people mature and […]

In this fourth installment of the Connected Communities’ “vision” James explains the complexity that decision makers for a community that wants to be connected face. He does thi bydecscribinghow an online virtual decision making environment would work for them.
Hettrick: We are starting with HyperOffice to try to kick it off. [Editor: as of early […]

COOK’s Edge: This is the third installment outining the Connected Communities “vision”. Here James continues discussing the issues of social community infrastructure that generally pass by unrecognized in most other siituations.
Hettrick: This different level of expectation among the younger emerging group of workers will carry from apartments into condos and into single-family starter homes. […]

COOK”s Edge: We Continue the Interview
Part 2 in which James Hettrick explains the web or relationships that makes it easier for communities to make sound decisions.
Hettrick: Getting the Government Finance Officers Association, to buy off on on your network infrastructure plan would mean that every city finance director could pick one of the pre-approved plans. […]

From the July 2006 COOK Report (Editor - this will be the first of a series of posts summarizing the vision of the Connected Communities Association.)
COOK Report: Tell me more about what you hope to achieve with the Connected Communities Association. (I had remembered your phrase as Cities Association.)
Hettrick: I do use […]

In the 15 years that I have been publishing the COOK Report, I have never been shy of saying what I am thinking. For a good many years I pilloried ICANN. A few years ago I finally pretty much stopped that in hopes of finding something positive to support. It’s been a long […]

I believe that the single most important thing that can be done to facilitate the modernization of the global telecommunications infrastructure is to realize the plans of James Hettrick for a global Connected Communities Association. (CCA) and here.
I had a chat with James this morning in which I asked him to summarize briefly […]