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From Hendrik Rood in The Netherlands
This brief explanation in a comment to an article by the Economist on economic populism, takes a priceless summary of the workings of recent private equity take-overs in terms of Adam Smith’s well known example of a manufacturer of widgets …
Typical scenario for the last 18 years:
January -
Private Equity Investor […]

Free, the broadband arm of Groupe Iliad is an increasingly important French national broadband player. Free’s management is extremely innovative.
Among other things on March 19 it announced that it is building an all IP mobile network so that it will no longer have to pay Orange for the circuits it resells. A very […]

At the end of April I intend to publish the June 2009 Issue of the Cook Report that will include an interview I’m now in the process of completing with Frank Coluccio – principal consultant, Cirrant Partners Inc. Frank lays out a comprehensive assessment while making copious recommendations in an area that is extremely important […]

We live in anew world that demands new answers. Erik Cecil has some of the best. As Erik said on my Economics of IP Networks list in early March:
I’d like to ask you whether you’d see immense value in a world where we could build and rationally fund dark fiber utilities, give strands to any […]

I had thought that Heartland Institute was an astroturf outfit run by the incumbents to further their interests. This afternoon I get this in my email.
From: [email protected]
Subject: Questions on AT & T Supreme Court case
Date: March 13, 2009 3:40:43 PM EDT
To: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
Hello there~
This is Thomas Cheplick. I am a reporter at the […]

High Energy Physics Networking under Harvey Newman - Lessons in Innovation & Global Collaboration
Time for Investment in Human Capital and a Public Infrastructure of Optical Networks for Education
The first part of a two part summary of Harvey’s career as scientist, technologist and problem solver traces his beginning in the application of data networks for high […]

Building Open Access Internet in Rural America
Understanding the Impact of RIR IPv4 Reassignment Policy
Why it Doesn’t Bode Well for the Continuation of an Open Affordable Internet

This issue begins with a discussion of Mark Cooper’s recomended approach to the stimulus legislation. An open access network based on wireless in rural communities and served where […]