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Archive for November, 2008

As a fervent Obama supporter I was quite dismayed to hear Henry Rivera touted as FCC transition team leader last weekend. But just hours ago I was absolutely thrilled to see that the FCC transition team leaders are Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach. I know both and both have been long term members […]

Few things seem as intractable as the incumbent’s stranglehold on our communications future. At the FCC would be disposed to clean house and start over. Yet from a pragmatic point of view that might well take much more time and produce less desirable results. The following outlines the possibility that President Obama, […]

Internet Commerce in Visual Art
Start-up Offers a Software Based Brokering System to Enable Participants to Write Their own Licenses
October 31, Ewing, NJ The Internet has huge potential capability as a portal into the world of museums, fine art, historic photography and the like. To date, other than photo sharing systems like Flickr and […]