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Here is an interesting historical footnote that says first that the telco’s were using IP networks internally as far back as the early 1990s and second gives an idea of the huge respources requires by telco billing systems.
Andrew Odlyzko to Fred Goldstein on my Economics of Ip Networks list: Thanks a lot for the history […]

The August issue is devoted entirely to Level 3. It contains an introduction on the Internet as an ecology of connectivity, my own two parat analysis of Level 3, an interview with Level 3’s Robert Feuerstein on fiber optic trends and a shortened version of Level 3’s March 14 Analyst Conference in which Level 3 […]

The Junel issue contains an interview with Larry Roberts on the impact of the adoption of IPv6 in China and the US DoD. He explains why a new generation of flow control router will be required to translate between IPv6 and IPv4 networks. Norman Lewis Research Director of Orange analyzes the love affair of chirldren […]

Ewing, NJ March 13, 2006 I dirtied my hands for the first time in the legislative process today. Tom Alibone picked me up at my house at 9 am and by 9:25 am we were inside the huge 50 by 100 foot hearing room at the NJ State Legislature. The experience was very disheartening. The […]