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I believe that the single most important thing that can be done to facilitate the modernization of the global telecommunications infrastructure is to realize the plans of James Hettrick for a global Connected Communities Association. (CCA) and here.
I had a chat with James this morning in which I asked him to summarize briefly […]

JP’s Why I blog about what I blog about leaves a real smile on the face.
And his 5th Anniversary speech at Ariadne earlier this year is awesome.
But I am reading it and seeing clouds in all the sunny optimism.
So I write: Hey JP. I just read that one through. Bravo. A vision that sings and […]

I get what Doc is saying at River’s Edge.
Here’s the key: Doc: “River of news” usefully combines three metaphorial frames: place, transport and publishing. Using all three, it proposes an approach to publishing that respects the fact that more and more people are going to want to get fresh newsy information on handheld […]

Reading on-nurture-versus-nature over at Confused of Calcutta. And later more-about-nurture-versus-nature . Go there if you are interested in education. They sing.
Made me think of Sam Pirtroda and a COOK Report publication of a speach he gave two years ago available as a PDF here. The father […]

When will we see that the Future we want lies outside the box?
Are not we so well trapped inside our respective boxes that we don’t have a view of the ongoing metamorphosis of our world?
Trapped inside the box we see only the greedy telcos and the corrupted regulatorium. We are trapped on the […]

So much happening - so little time to sort it all out.
Klaus von Neumann writes from Germany:
On February 6 the Municipality of Cologne issued a press release, stating Oberbuergemeister Herr Dr. Schramma’s happiness with the start of DTag rolling out a hybrid fiber-VDSL network in his city.
Says Schramma here : “This DTAG project […]

A member of my private list writes this morning: Euro Commissioner Viviane Reding fhas overturned Chanceleress’ Merkel’s deal with DTag, to give them a regulatory holiday on their hybrid fiber VDSL network.
DTag has to open its net at once for IP bitstream access, and the German regulator is ‘invited’ (with a gun in the […]

Things are becoming clearer on this side of the pond.
Jame Enck tells us here:
“So, with fiber (muni, entrepreneurial and incumbent) nipping at its heels and KPN pushing DTT, it would seem the right time for UPC to go on a charm offensive, er, no, instead it’s shopping two of its file sharing subscribers’ identities to […]

Here is a follow up to my post of August 5th.
David Huges writes: Thought you might want to know a little of the outcome with the Qwest DSL service stuff.
It took 4 1/2 weeks to get it working. Working = marginally. Very marginally.
When I first called Qwest and talked to sales, plus going online […]

I am beginning to get a sense of a dichotomy in the way that some investment entities survey the field of telecom in their critical process of gathering information and making decisions.
[Disclosure: I am here a babe in the woods with little knowledge but given events in Hillegom I am increasing interested in […]

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