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BT acquired Ribbit two summers ago. Early reports seemed to think it was a Grand Central “killer” and competition to Google Voice. In June of 2010, neither seems much to be the case.
BT has been hard at work reinventing the local phone company for the past 3 years. The incumbent is there […]

In his abstract Bill St Arnaud sums things up: “This evolving Internet is likely to have profound impacts on Internet architectures and business models in the both the academic and commercial worlds. Increasingly traffic will be “local” with connectivity to the nearest cloud, content distribution network and or social network gateway at a local […]

“The growing dominant role of ACIs in the Internet infrastructure may pose future challenges for regulators to insure that ACIs are able to peer and interconnect to last mile Internet service providers and  that their services are accessible and unconstrained to the ultimate consumer.”
As more and more  Internet Exchanges are deployed closer to consumers, the […]

Bill continues: “To understand the impact of ACIs are having on the evolving Internet one only has to look at a recent study by Arbor Networks [ARBOR]. Arbor Networks – in collaboration with University of Michigan and Merit Network - presented the largest study of global Internet traffic since the start of the commercial Internet […]

An Abbreviated Summary of Bill St Arnaud’s Architecture Paper
Bill finds that a global Internet has now grown to such a huge extent that the old pretense that the Internet is truly end-to-end in its structure has out lived any claim to economic usefulness. Sending content or applications from one or more edges across the […]

Bill references Van Jacobson’s August 2006 talk at Google on a content delivery based architecture for the net.
A 2007 Van Jacobson talk is here
Then there is this very interesting entry can be found with a search for “Van Jacobson Google architecture”.
[Van Jacobson content-centric networking insights at the 4Ward … - 3:04pm Aug 18, […]

Cloud and Content Providers Versus the Incumbent’s Last Mile
Editor’s Note: It would help if only as a part of our suspicions that the Internet is an economic infrastructure that is important to a viable global economy, we had some idea of what the actual architecture of the Internet is. Hidden behind bulwarks of […]