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Archive for April, 2007

I interviewed Alan Huang way back in 1999.
Recent events brought me in touch with Alan who wrote:
I am no longer working on terabit routers.
I have gone back to trying to answer a question that has haunted me since graduate school … “Is there life after electronics? …”
I recently gave a talk at Stanford […]

Responding to Herman Wagter’s statement on my Symposium mail list: Hendrik Rood added a new layer of complexity: One has to look not only at fiber architecture but also at its interplay with optical equipment at the ends. The spectral capacity of the passive optical network itself is so large that […]

Martin Geddes pointed out what he called an Interesting data point on PON vs Homerun
Herman Wagter who is carrying out the fiber build in Amsterdam responded:
To make a fine but relevant distinction: the original text claims an 8 % lower investment for PON compared to point-to-point. (Our estimates were of the same level of […]

The Junel issue contains an interview with Larry Roberts on the impact of the adoption of IPv6 in China and the US DoD. He explains why a new generation of flow control router will be required to translate between IPv6 and IPv4 networks. Norman Lewis Research Director of Orange analyzes the love affair of chirldren […]

The May issue begins with an essay explaining why the cooperative CAIDA Commons is needed to preserve our capability for innovation. Tom West NLR CEO explains the economic advantages of building a research network owned and operated by its members. To an analysis of the restart of Internet2 NLR merger talks, details on planning for […]

Forbes has some very good material on line
Can a network build a potentially huge new product?
Nicholas Negroponte knew he would need a lot of help. when the former director of the MIT media lab announced in 2005 the idea of making $100 laptops for millions of children in the poorest nations, his support group consisted […]

The Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in the world in its use of FTTH and competitive broadband. The Dutch government is also paying attention to investment in infrastructure that can pay economic dividends across multiple sectors.
This was well described lats week in an exchange on my private Economics of IP Networks […]

I wrote: Thank you Johannes
I’d like to hear more. What is your reaction to the six kinds of identity listed by JP in my post above?
Johannes Ernst: This is certainly one way of slicing the problem. (And, going far beyond what many people think identity “is” or should be — but rather consistent […]

Johannes Ernst wrote on my mailist on April 1 in response to my questions about the attacks on Kathy Sierra with respect to issues of online identoity:
there are many others, from intellectual property policies to national vs. international scopes, from individual empowerment to the need “to catch the terrorists”, from trustability of many kinds […]

As I recently wrote: it is not just the technology. The technology is easy. Its the politics and the education needed to understand what is at stake. I share Bob Frankston’s frustration but today on my list from a member who wishes for the purpose of this blog to be anonymous […]