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The February issue contains an introduction on open phones and and interview with John Waclawsky that defines the characteristics of the 21 century NetCo that exists to deliver value to its customers. An interview with John Bowers explains his terra-scale research at UC Santa Barbara. Click here to read the Executive Summary, and Contents and […]

The January issue begins with an essay summarizing five little known but very important articles published by John Waclawsky in Business Communications Review. Here John shows why the compnents standards process of the IETF, IEEE, WC3 has been able to create the Wealth enabled by the Internet. It also shows how the Mayor of Fort […]

Scott McCollough has just shown again why he is one of my favorite telecom attornies. I’d give a lot to know what Copps and Adelstein are thinking right now after getting Martin’s foot in their face once again. Scott meanwhile came up with a very creative idea on my list just now.
Scott writes: McDowell was […]

So how do we interpret the chicanery and double dealing of the last few days? Scott McCollough is a savvy Texas attorney, who has been a friend for nearly a decade and who has crossed swords with Whittacres empire for many years. Scott makes the point that the public interest groups that endorsed […]

King Ed’s ATT and the Republican members of the FCC pulled a New Year’s eve weekend sneak of awesome proportions. Commissioners Copps and Adelstein withdrew their opposition and, at nearly 5pm on the last business day of the year, the FCC announced that the acquisition of BellSouth was approved by a vote of […]

Some more opinions I trust.
From a lawyer to my Symposium list. (I don’t identify because I don’t yet have his permission to blog. He is not in the office and must have gone out after his post.)
He writes: I just had a long talk with Dave Burstein about this. I see his point, […]

Thanks to Doc Searls for allowing me to share a preview of a forthcoming SuitWatch newsletter (Link below.).
Time Magazine closed 2006 by naming You its Person of the Year: The subhead exclaimed, “Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.”
Not so fast.
Allow me to present some evidence to the contrary before […]

On December 26 Peter Gutmann posted a very fascinating and highlydepressing document called A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection.
I posted some comments to my Symposium mail list and the following exchange occured between Fred Goldstein and Doc Searls.
Fred: The Gutmann article was the topic of two Slashdot front page posts this […]

In a dark of night effort to sneak their anti competitive 85 billion dollar boondoogle across the goal line ATT last night released a densely worded legalese packed document filed at the FCC offering last minute concessions.
Dave Burstein of DSL Prime has sent out an excellent alert:
“I call them the black ninjas. They work […]

ARCEP The French REGULATORY AUTHORITY FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS had a workshop in Paris on December 20.
The workshop was intended in part at least to help french communities explore the ramifications of Article L.1425-1 of the Code Générale des Collectivités Territoriales (Local and regional collectivity code)
This article “significantly extends the scope of competency of municipalities in the […]

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