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Tim Nulty is a PhD economist formerly with the World Bank and a more than 20 year career in telecom policy who “retired” to Burlington Vermont and now heads up the city’s fiber to the home project called Burlington Telecom.
Doc Searls, well known blogger and Senior Editor Linux Journal is delving into […]

A quick update to
previous post about open phones and the Yi-tan calls. There you will find a comment fromJerry that will tell you how to get access to live future calls.
To see a list of some 60 Yi-tan calls available as streaming audio go here. The diversity is very impressive… and the ideas […]

Prediction is a dodgy business. In February 2002 I published an interview with Roxanne Googin in which Roxanne explained why the telcos would go broke. Didn’t happen. The telco’s merged and used their bankrolls and political muscle to buy favorable regulatory treatment.
What is happening instead is more interesting. We are in the midst […]

James Enck wrote earlier today: I really had a great time putting together the 10 Things presentation from last month’s Telco 2.0 event, but these things are really only meaningful if they stimulate some thought, discussion, and a basis for moving forward. So I’m really . . . . Ian Hay, who has a real […]

In a Telco 2.0 report James Enck had the following interesting snippet:
“Kennet Radne from TeliaSonera had a slightly more conventional presentation which touched on many of the same themes. But it had one killer data point - when The Pirate Bay was taken down in Sweden, TeliaSonera’s IP traffic declined by 60%.”
When I shared this […]

COOK’s Edge - from my list today
Bob Frankston: as I keep pointing out, it’s even simpler if we just remove the protection from antitrust. We wouldn’t need to meddle by creating artificial distinctions which will be important once we go beyond the simple model of single tier networking.
Fred Goldstein Just an aside… There is no […]

From my mail list as excerpted by Tim Shepard from another post:
“A new IRTF research group, End-Middle-End (EME) Research Group, has been created with an appended charter. Too clarify, don’t get too excited about possible change. This is the IETF “research group” and it can take a long time for anything to […]

From Bill St. Arnaud: “I highly recommend a new magazine called Business 2.0. Lots of excellent articles on the new business modalities arising from web services, SOA and mashups. CANARIE’s UCLP which uses web services and web services workflow to allow users to compose their one network solution is one such example of […]

In Amsterdam yesterday at the Open Source in Mobile Conference, First International Computer (FIC) - a Taiwanese components manufacturer announced that OpenMoko is the platform of choice for their next generation smartphones.
So far you might yawn. Well pay attention. Accordining to a piece by Charlie Demerjian: “THERE HAVE […]

Jaap van Till and Dirk van der Woude have sent me their in interpretation of the October 24 unbundling and open access resolutions from The Parliament of the Netherlands. They see it as a decision taken at the national legislative level that networks are too important to a national economy and national competitiveness to […]

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