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Building Innovation from the Edge

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What I Offer My Readers

In 1992 I founded the first newsletter focused on the development of the commercial Internet. Seventeen years later as Editor, and Publisher of the COOK Report on Internet Protocol, Technology Economics and Policy, I have compiled a uniquely detailed documentation of its development.

In view of the Phone and Cable Operator capture of the national agenda, I am exploring ways to show local communities, policy makers and enterprises the value of the Internet as locally owned and controlled infrastructure. My research focuses on the collaborative and innovative use of the Internet for business and economic development. I contrast to this the efforts of the Telcos and Cable Operators to keep their customers narrowly confined through restrictive terms of use. Broadband is not just faster web surfing. It is a critical enabler of business activity through real time collaboration among geographically-dispersed entrepreneurs.

In order to understand why local control and independence is critical for the creation of new economic activity one must understand what John Seely Brown and John Hagel mean by “value creation” and “talent building” and what Jerry Michalski refers to as the “relationship economy.” Since the duopoly has bought its way into power in Washington DC, I see the best return on one’s investment as education at the edges in our local communities.

The edges are where the opportunity lies and where individuals are innovating and building solutions that enable cost effective change and local control. I offer an ongoing inventory of strategic leadership and tools for local change agents. Valuable new tools include Michael Bookey’s America at the Internet Crossroads“; Tom Vest’s The Wealth of Networks, and CENIC’s Community Self Assessment Guide.

I can be the scout you use to identify edge-based opportunity. I am working to help decision makers understand why local investment is necessary and then to find the best value for the investment of their resources. I am available to speak at meetings and work with new and existing groups to replace their MSO and Telco infrastructure. On a selective consulting basis and for worthy topics I may write whitepapers for clients.

Here is one I wrote for Caspian in the form of an interview.

Colaborative Edge Resources:

1. A U-Turn in the American Internet Model from Open to Closed and Mercantilist

2. The Edge is Becoming the Core

3. The Medina County Ohio Fiber Ring

4. The Open Access Build in Catalonia

5. Giphante: a Very Innovative Business Model for Art and Photography

6. An Ominous LEC Strategy - Qwest versus Level 3 in Arizona

7. Build Your Own Phone Company (at Mt Everest)

Exploring the Decentralized, Edge
Based, Internet Enabled, Relationship Economy

Conversation with Jerry Michalski

Editor’s Introduction

Jerry Michalski is one of the best known among the
global group of analysts and bloggers who are charting the leading-edge of the
impact of the cooperation and collaboration that the Internet has enabled for
global business. Organizations that desire to understand and take advantage of
the ways in which the Internet-enabled, open, real time, and remote
collaboration between widely separated teams of people can create more value
for the world in which they operate are those with which Jerry works.

The remainder of the interview is here.

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