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Archive for September, 2008

They speak of taking bad mortgages off the books. Problem is they can’t do that…everything is securitized, Sliced and diced good with the bad and then credit default swapped ten times…. ten layers of so called insurance. The total in mortgages is about 5 to 10 trillion. 700 billion will be […]

I have never been a fan of ICANN and between 1998 and 2000 wrote extensively against it. My most detailed essay may be retrieved here. ICANN was promoted as a wonderful experiment in industry self governance - an image that was skewered in Michael Froomkin’s landmark essay “Wrong Turn in Cyberspace.” Under […]

I found the close of Galbraith’s chapter quite eloquent. I invite readers to ponder it because anyone with an economic or professional stake in the internet and telecom will, I believe, be affected for the predatory state will kill new ideas and render most new business non viable over the long haul.
Naomi Klein’s Shock […]

My profession is to understand the direction of telecom and the Internet. I have come to believe that you cannot do this without crossing as many boundaries as possible. This means that one ultimately has to look at the economic system or systems within which telecom operates. I have been reading many […]