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Here is the Executive Summary of my just published June interview.
Our feature interview describes a multi year long streak of questionable practices by Verizon in New Jersey. We see the situation as a symbiotic relationship between politicians in state government who are happy to let Verizon continue to act as an unregulated free market […]

Editor’s note:
Thanks to Paul Budde for this essay.
Paul called it “Australian case study” I have changed the emphasis slightly because i intend to follow it tomorrow with a piece on the emerging private market for IPv4 addresses, and the following day with a piece on RFC 1744. I fully agree with Pau’ls main […]

A Ms. Delgado calls - from Seidenbergs NY office team - she’s
customer relations but in a different physical office. New Jersey has a similar office. A friend has submitted my case there. He reads me an email of the bureaucratic reply. Laughable.
I am calling to tell you that your son’s […]

How frustrating when Verizon, the gold standard of American incumbents has in FiOS Internet an excellent product but then driven by the greed of the bean counters, takes a devil may care attitude to sell at any cost this much is possible because the only thing that matters is that quarterly bottom line […]

I have a hypothesis: The Bush administration came to power in December 2000. American telcos were on the precipice about to go into Free fall. We have seen how Bush politicized the Justice Department and are much more aware thanks to John Dean’s Broken Government and Charlie Savage’s Take Over of the […]

David has been spreading his Smart Letter 100 around the net. Net Neutrality. Oh GOD that again. I didn’t read it. I am afterall I know the arguments. I had just put Jim Crowe’s (Levl 3 CEO) take on my list… Good because he says use antitrust and the […]

Thoughts on Deriving a Set of “Principles” Designed to Support a Multi-Dimensional Matrix of Connectivity
We are caught in a vortex of change that is picking up speed. Within the vortex the number of uses for the net mushrooms and the ways in which they interconnect merge into a finely spun mesh. People like David […]

A subtitle to the title above is probably needed - in which case here it is
Because just think of the disaster we’d be facing if ATT owned all that fiber!
T would have a nearly impregnable silo fortress that it would use on behalf of it share holders. Their perceived gain would likely be […]

On my Symposium List this morning - a discussion thread building steam on whether list members should spend time keeping up to date on IMS which is generally greeted with scorn. Fred Goldstein commented on ATM and Andrew Odlyzko replied:
Thanks a lot for the history piece.
But wasn’t the basic mistake of ATM that […]

Ok - with snowballs of my chest, let me go to an excellent contribution by Fred Goldstein to points seven and eight of my argument from yesterday.
7. Leaving “it” [access to the internet] under the control of corporations with
responsibility to equity shareholders motivates these companies to
use the technology in a […]

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