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A friend wrote:
I see the source of the problem as the present system.  This is because of continual attempts to hold together a statute and regulatory corpus that has more stitches than Frankenstein and more twists, curves and double back loops than all the roller coasters in America.  All of this twisting and morphing […]

This morning on Cybertelecom Erik Cecil wrote:
Now that the IXCs of the world are gone, ILECs are nothing but giant
transit providers. So they have to come up with a new theory of “cost
causation” b/c there’s no more IXCs (or CLECs) to fleece. But they’ve
been hard at work in their regulatory research labs. […]

Erik Cecil sent this privately and gave me permission to publish
“Iowa is so bad. The Iowa Utilities Board again refused to allow Level 3 to interconnect on any reasonable terms as a competitive carrier there. As a matter of fact, we are reviewing the order closely to determine whether or not IUB simply […]

The Internet is the free press of the 21st century. Broadband is Ink; Computers are Pens. Free press means citizens, not broadband providers, control both.
Erik Cecil February 2006

Change is coming and I don’t think it will be too kind to the bells. They are way way over the line. It may come far later than most of us would like or can reasonably tolerate but change is inevitable and the more rigid the organization, the harder its fall - as to that, […]

Out of 117 people on my private symnposium mail list i think at least 12 are lawyers. Yet none quite so fascinating to me as Erik Cecil who is defending Level 3 on a state by state basis against Qwest’s efforts to cause it grief. Herewith a comment just in on the USF fund.
Erik writes: […]