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In the debate about fiber to the home one of the significant issues is deciding on the architecture out of these decision fall impacts on cost and on control of the link. Will it be by the carrier, the home owner or the community network? Consider the following exchange on my Economics of IP Networks […]

Thanks to Doc Searls for allowing me to share a preview of a forthcoming SuitWatch newsletter (Link below.).
Time Magazine closed 2006 by naming You its Person of the Year: The subhead exclaimed, “Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.”
Not so fast.
Allow me to present some evidence to the contrary before […]

On December 26 Peter Gutmann posted a very fascinating and highlydepressing document called A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection.
I posted some comments to my Symposium mail list and the following exchange occured between Fred Goldstein and Doc Searls.
Fred: The Gutmann article was the topic of two Slashdot front page posts this […]

From my mail list as excerpted by Tim Shepard from another post:
“A new IRTF research group, End-Middle-End (EME) Research Group, has been created with an appended charter. Too clarify, don’t get too excited about possible change. This is the IETF “research group” and it can take a long time for anything to […]