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In the debate about fiber to the home one of the significant issues is deciding on the architecture out of these decision fall impacts on cost and on control of the link. Will it be by the carrier, the home owner or the community network? Consider the following exchange on my Economics of IP Networks […]

The April issue describes the Commons, a national cooperative fiber back bone Launched by CAIDA with the assistance of the National Lambda Rail. The Commons will offer community networks national transit in exchange for their agreement to let CAIDA perform traffic measurement. In an interview Mark Spencer describes how PCs and the availability of the […]

The March issue begins with an essay summarizing an article by Baken and three colleagues in The Journal of the Communications Network. The essay offers an extremely provocative look at the future direction of telecommunications in the 21st century as seen through the eye of its Dutch authors. Interviews with Nico Baken and Lars Hedberg […]

Susan Crawford has written an excellent paper The Internet and the Project of Communications Law.
Here is the abstract: The internet offers the potential for economic growth stemming from online human communications, but recent industry and government actions have disfavored these possibilities by treating the internet like a content-delivery supply chain. I recommend that […]

From Dirk van der Woude to my mail list. The original article is in Dutch. Dirk translates.
Yesterday CEO Job Witteman and CTO Henk Steenman of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange received a group of journalists.
Today Planet Multimedia’s Peter Olsthoorn posted a report
Witteman explained that within the AmsIX, which in fact is a cooperative […]

Cook’s Edge: Jim Kayne Lives in Vancouver and is not a telecom specialist nor is he employed in the telecom Industry. But Jim has the best comment I have seen on Jim Baller’s plan.
Jim Kayne: A big plan, but it seems nothing else will do the job in the States.
The preamble struck me:
“Developing […]

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