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Jaap van Till is another inventive Dutchman. See his article in the January 2009 Cook Report. On the Economics of IP Networks list he has come out with a new most interesting proposal.
“Last week I introduced in Holland the idea not of a new device/gadget, but of a cluster of gadgets which I […]

The Photoshop Lightroom Adventure: Mastering Adobe’s Next-generation Tool for Digital Photographers is my absolute favorite of all the O’Reilly photo guides - although the Rocky Nook Press books are themselves outstanding. Probably a year and a half ago I requested a copy of the first Lightroom Adventure book. It was so extraordinarily […]

Being a considerable fan of O’Reilly photography books, when I saw the blurb for the new Canon EOS Digital Rebel Companion by Ben Long I requested a review copy. Having purchased a SIGMA SD 14 almost 2 years ago, and being less than happy with its operation, I decided to get […]

Today on my list Vincent Dekker wrote
For those of you who love searching, and love nice looking results even more. Take a look at this new Google competitor that launched in beta yesterday…
For example by searching for this Vincent:
I tried and like the result. It is linked at a high order into wikipedia name […]

A National Research and Innovation Network
What Can the US Learn from Dutch Experience?
February 2009 COOK Report
By means of an examination of research networks in Holland, this issue presents some ideas for ways in which an American National Research, Education and Innovation Network could be structured.
For the first time in more than a […]