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Today I wrote on my list: I am increasingly more skeptical that like NTIA the FCC will do ANYTHING that could be interpreted to be in the national interest as opposed to the corporate interest.
Count me with Erik Cecil in the hope that events may render the FCC irrelevant. Sheesh what will […]

on my list:
Chris S. The information available on the Internet is a vast ocean. Google and the other search engines tell us, in effect, “here are the general coordinates of where there might be buried treasure.” What I’m talking about is hiring mercenary treasure hunters to really get down there and find […]

Hat tip to Peter Ecclesine. The FCC National Broadband Plan Policy Framework was issued today. Grab it read it and send ex parte comments.
There are three public notices 2517, 2518, and 2519 that need comments by December 21, 2009.
The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation is the locus of where […]

For the past year I had some hope that the election of BHO would truly make a difference. That hope is gone. BHO is business as usual not change one can believe in.
When I read Art Brodsky’s December 14th piece on Connected Nation in Colorado yesterday I was outraged. But then this […]

I want to put up a quick pointer to George Barr’s wonderful book From Camera to Computer–New from Rocky Nook: How to Make Fine Photographs Through Examples, Tips, and Techniques from Rocky Nook press.
I am working full time and regret that I have not the opportunity to do the justice that this book deserves. […]