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This from Mike Spector:Verizon’s attempt to dump its copper in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont by a sale to Fairpoint has caused a storm of protest in New England. Understandably the trade unions, IBEW and CWA have been in […]

What’s wrong with this picture?
Verizon uses reverse Morris Trust accounting to sell its Northern New England properties to Fairpoint, and reap 1.7 billion in income. While Fiarpoint, a publicly traded corporation pays dividends yielding over 8.5%. It pays more than it earns in dividends and apparently can do this because its companies are rural, […]

Here is an interesting historical footnote that says first that the telco’s were using IP networks internally as far back as the early 1990s and second gives an idea of the huge respources requires by telco billing systems.
Andrew Odlyzko to Fred Goldstein on my Economics of Ip Networks list: Thanks a lot for the history […]

Kevin Werbach: We’ve just posted the full video from John Kneuer’s Supernova session on spectrum and broadband policy, with the subsequent lively audience conversation around network neutrality:
Cook’s Edge: I have posted a good bit about Kneuer. I watched the video fragment. And I watched the whole video that Kevin just posted. The whole […]

On June 24 Doc Searls: My own 2¢, while also waiting for a plane, this time in Houston. (As thunderstorms loom… fun.)
What happened between John Kneuer and many (far from most) in the audience — including Gordon, David Isenberg, David Weinberger and myself (each of which had exchanges with Kneuer from mikes on the floor) […]

Cook’s Edge: An online article in the Register grossly exaggerated what happened during John Kneuer’s presentation at Supernpova on June 22.
The author claimed that Supernova 2007 A San Francisco tech show degenerated into a shouting match today, after a pugnacious Bush commerce official squared off with heated supporters of net neutrality.
John Kneuer, the assistant secretary […]

I got an update from Dirk today of his on going encyclopedia of fiber builds in Europe.
Dirk begins:
Fiber on the rise
In a press release the OECD in October 2006 stated:
“Fibre to the home is becoming increasingly important for broadband access, particularly in countries with high broadband penetration.”
I recently found […]

The August issue is devoted entirely to Level 3. It contains an introduction on the Internet as an ecology of connectivity, my own two parat analysis of Level 3, an interview with Level 3’s Robert Feuerstein on fiber optic trends and a shortened version of Level 3’s March 14 Analyst Conference in which Level 3 […]

The July issue begins with an essay explaining why Internet has become part of the basic foundation of modern societies and must be treated as a public good in building local infrastructure that the duopoly won’t. It conatian a short BT presentation and short interviews on how Vista destroys value, and a Hispanic Social Network […]

I have been hearing about M2Z for a while. What I heard never made much sense> It reminded me of the bill of good that Comcast sold teh Department of Commerce in 1994 when it came up with the boondoggle of Mercer net so that the teacher in Princeton NJ high schools could use […]

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