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Update for clarity: the text that follows, except for the last line, is not mine but a direct quote from a Verizon customer who does not wish to be identified. A better story for Kafka was the way he put it.
“If you wondered; like Jobs at Apple, Ernestine *is* back from retirement…..and […]

David Lesher writes on Cybertelecom
Ge this one, folks. I have been told by Verizonal that they will NOT
provide DSL on a DSL-qualified assignment.
Why? Because I could instead get FIOS at twice the cost.
Fred Goldstein replies:
Alas, that is entirely legal nowadays. DSL is unregulated, not common carriage, so taking orders is strictly voluntary.
Of course when […]

Sara Wedeman writes after reading about Rachel’s Antics
I have many thoughts about this. I’ve been doing a bit of poking around, looking at the US Census and other sources Anyone who questions whether counting, recording, and mapping create jobs need look no farther than Claritas or ancestry.com. I’m sure there are lots of other […]

The gaming of the broadband stimulus is going on in full force.
Consider Rachelle Chong’s testimony from last Thursday’s hearing on the ARRA deployment.

Chong: In 2006, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had the foresight to form a blue
ribbon Broadband Task Force, on which I served. The Task Force performed a
broadband mapping exercise and brought recommendations to […]