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Archive for September, 2007

Sometimes in our worries about the Duopoly, we fail to recognize that some extraordinary wealth of opportunity sits right underneath our noses. National Lambda Rail is one such case. About six months ago I wrote in some detail about NLR and what made this entity different from previous attempts at research networks in […]

A comment from Bob Frankston today initiated a very good discussion:
“I was visiting friends for dinner and they were talking about their son who just went off to college. Apparently he doesn’t like his mother calling him because when is friends see him talking on the phone they know it’s his mother because they don’t […]

On August 23 (while I was in China) list member Lee S Drybrugh wrote in jest:”
I happened to bump into Peter Cochrane stating:”
“The good news is - bandwidth is free - and we have an infinite supply. “[1]
“Next by sheer accident I bumped into this in relation to Gilder:” “Telecosm argues that the world […]