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David Lesher writes on Cybertelecom
Ge this one, folks. I have been told by Verizonal that they will NOT
provide DSL on a DSL-qualified assignment.
Why? Because I could instead get FIOS at twice the cost.
Fred Goldstein replies:
Alas, that is entirely legal nowadays. DSL is unregulated, not common carriage, so taking orders is strictly voluntary.
Of course when […]

Sara Wedeman writes after reading about Rachel’s Antics
I have many thoughts about this. I’ve been doing a bit of poking around, looking at the US Census and other sources Anyone who questions whether counting, recording, and mapping create jobs need look no farther than Claritas or ancestry.com. I’m sure there are lots of other […]

The gaming of the broadband stimulus is going on in full force.
Consider Rachelle Chong’s testimony from last Thursday’s hearing on the ARRA deployment.

Chong: In 2006, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had the foresight to form a blue
ribbon Broadband Task Force, on which I served. The Task Force performed a
broadband mapping exercise and brought recommendations to […]

Here is the Executive Summary of my just published June interview.
Our feature interview describes a multi year long streak of questionable practices by Verizon in New Jersey. We see the situation as a symbiotic relationship between politicians in state government who are happy to let Verizon continue to act as an unregulated free market […]

I am happy to report that even after loosing Martin Geddes - one of its founders - to JP Rangaswami at BT Design, the folks at Telco 2.0 are still putting out the best analysis of the need to change the global infrastructure and operating models of the global phone companies.
Here are some highlights from […]

Free, the broadband arm of Groupe Iliad is an increasingly important French national broadband player. Free’s management is extremely innovative.
Among other things on March 19 it announced that it is building an all IP mobile network so that it will no longer have to pay Orange for the circuits it resells. A very […]

At the end of April I intend to publish the June 2009 Issue of the Cook Report that will include an interview I’m now in the process of completing with Frank Coluccio – principal consultant, Cirrant Partners Inc. Frank lays out a comprehensive assessment while making copious recommendations in an area that is extremely important […]

A very critical issue in telecommunications is “open access” and what is meant by an open access network. Open access is sometimes confused with network neutrality. In my opinion it is far more important because it focus on basic ownership and operation of network infrastructure as opposed to network neutrality that takes on […]

On the Economics of IP Networks list we were pretty happy last week with the results of the stimulus bill.
On February 12 a public interest member wrote: Had I shown this to people in December, I would have been told that such proposals were so far outside the realm of the “politically feasible” that to […]

Here is the third item of my promised trilogy. Anyone who is surprised - by what may seem to the uninitiated as alarmist remarks in yesterday’s post - (as to what may happen if the carriers are able to acquire blocks of Ipv4 addresses from other assignees) should read a document written by Geoff […]

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