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Archive for November, 2007

Last night I wrote to my list
I just got a phone call at 5 pm on a saturday from a Velma Stoner. i think the office of customer relations - we are in ivan Seidenberg’s office she said. She has a copy of my first mail list complaint forwarded to her […]

Scott Marcus worked at the FCC a few years back. Before that he helped build the Internet with BBN. And about a year ago he gave a deposition for the EFF on behalf of Mark Klein as the whistle blower in lawsuit against ATT for its illegal surveillance of Americans communications.
Scott knows what he […]

Moral of story that follows: if you sign up for online automatic credit card billing be very very careful to keep written notes of what you are doing and especially your user id and password which will NOT be variants of your Normal usual ID and passwords. If you don’t do this you […]

Cook’s Edge: I have been wondering how the merger negotiations could have been restarted only eight months ago - after being halted a year ago. Apparently NLR members were reminded that in 2008 they would be asked to make a second five million dollar buy in for another five years and another NLR network […]

I heard today from the Internet2 side of the house. Had a phone conversation as well as email exchange.
The individual said that basically I had it right in my evaluation. However he added useful balance and perspective. Apparently Tom wanted to show what could be done with a research network that did own and […]

Life in the American research and education networking community begins to look ever more strange.  Over the past 16 years I have written a great deal about research networks. My writing has covered foreign research networks because until National Lambda Rail became operative in 2004, the United States had a research network only name.  […]