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David Lesher writes on Cybertelecom
Ge this one, folks. I have been told by Verizonal that they will NOT
provide DSL on a DSL-qualified assignment.
Why? Because I could instead get FIOS at twice the cost.
Fred Goldstein replies:
Alas, that is entirely legal nowadays. DSL is unregulated, not common carriage, so taking orders is strictly voluntary.
Of course when […]

Here is the Executive Summary of my just published June interview.
Our feature interview describes a multi year long streak of questionable practices by Verizon in New Jersey. We see the situation as a symbiotic relationship between politicians in state government who are happy to let Verizon continue to act as an unregulated free market […]

From Hendrik Rood in The Netherlands
This brief explanation in a comment to an article by the Economist on economic populism, takes a priceless summary of the workings of recent private equity take-overs in terms of Adam Smith’s well known example of a manufacturer of widgets …
Typical scenario for the last 18 years:
January -
Private Equity Investor […]

I had thought that Heartland Institute was an astroturf outfit run by the incumbents to further their interests. This afternoon I get this in my email.
From: [email protected]
Subject: Questions on AT & T Supreme Court case
Date: March 13, 2009 3:40:43 PM EDT
To: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
Hello there~
This is Thomas Cheplick. I am a reporter at the […]

Editor’s note:
Thanks to Paul Budde for this essay.
Paul called it “Australian case study” I have changed the emphasis slightly because i intend to follow it tomorrow with a piece on the emerging private market for IPv4 addresses, and the following day with a piece on RFC 1744. I fully agree with Pau’ls main […]

They speak of taking bad mortgages off the books. Problem is they can’t do that…everything is securitized, Sliced and diced good with the bad and then credit default swapped ten times…. ten layers of so called insurance. The total in mortgages is about 5 to 10 trillion. 700 billion will be […]

I have never been a fan of ICANN and between 1998 and 2000 wrote extensively against it. My most detailed essay may be retrieved here. ICANN was promoted as a wonderful experiment in industry self governance - an image that was skewered in Michael Froomkin’s landmark essay “Wrong Turn in Cyberspace.” Under […]

I found the close of Galbraith’s chapter quite eloquent. I invite readers to ponder it because anyone with an economic or professional stake in the internet and telecom will, I believe, be affected for the predatory state will kill new ideas and render most new business non viable over the long haul.
Naomi Klein’s Shock […]

My profession is to understand the direction of telecom and the Internet. I have come to believe that you cannot do this without crossing as many boundaries as possible. This means that one ultimately has to look at the economic system or systems within which telecom operates. I have been reading many […]

A Ms. Delgado calls - from Seidenbergs NY office team - she’s
customer relations but in a different physical office. New Jersey has a similar office. A friend has submitted my case there. He reads me an email of the bureaucratic reply. Laughable.
I am calling to tell you that your son’s […]

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