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A member of my private list writes this morning: Euro Commissioner Viviane Reding fhas overturned Chanceleress’ Merkel’s deal with DTag, to give them a regulatory holiday on their hybrid fiber VDSL network.

DTag has to open its net at once for IP bitstream access, and the German regulator is ‘invited’ (with a gun in the back ;-) to notify asap a ‘remedy’ for ATM bitstream access. Read Ms Reding’s informative memo of today - here.

This decision could well mean the end of Mr Ricke’s tenure as DTag CEO. However, as Die Zeit noted on Aug 17 in German, sorry - my translation): “One wonders whoever wants to take on a job in which not only banks, shareholders and staff, but as well Europe and the regulator kick in - and those last two with he clear intent to shrink DTAG to a yet unknown size.”

COOK’s Edge: Here are the immediate questions that this brings to mind.

Who looks to benefit most immediately? What will the energy conglomerates who are laying a lot of fiber benefit?

How similar is this to Japan of 2000? Is there a potential Yahoo BB in Germany?

Is bitstream access the same as open access fiber network? Unbundling at the fiber level? It says just to the hybrid fiber vdsl network. Can they silo it this way?

Will this open the doors wide for municipal nets in germany?

Does this mean that businesses can start checking out the viability of fiber to the home in Germany?

Can this decision be overturned?

Would appreciate comments - ideas, etc

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