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David has been spreading his Smart Letter 100 around the net. Net Neutrality. Oh GOD that again. I didn’t read it. I am afterall I know the arguments. I had just put Jim Crowe’s (Levl 3 CEO) take on my list… Good because he says use antitrust and the courts and stay away from Congress and especially from the FCC.

Ok - but David himself pointed out that since Ji m’s mid march statemenmt anti-trust has been watered down. Other crack attornies chimed in that you needed whole tool kit of which anti-trust was but a single hammer. But every think has been said about this that can be said I thought. And David mentioned his new essay again.

I took a deep breath and read Smart Letter 100 from beginning to end.

The essay is outstanding. David has taken all the parts that we know by heart and crafted a superb argument and structure that I think is NEW and Original. So read it and figure out how to help implement. Bottom Line is that structural separation is the only acceptable goal.
Heavy duty teaching of others is required. A recommended tool in this case is software like mind manager

Make a diagram of the ideas - give them a picture to look at like the one from JP Rangaswami here.

And check out a whole bunch maps that i just discovered here. Also from Reboot 8 a year ago.

Click on the smaller map on the right to run through about a dozen such

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