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Last week - over in Catalonia - where with i-Cat2, he’s involved in the local fiber build, Sergei Figuerola commented on a discussion of commercial Versions of UCLP becoming available.

UCLP stands for User Controlled Light Path. Some of my writings about it are to be found here and here. This is a profoundly important open source technology developed by Bill St. Arnaud’s group of innovators at Canarie.

Sergei provides a link to Inocybe Technologies Inc in Canada which is offering a commercial version of UCLP. There you will see that they explain that “UCLP is not an application software but a suite of different application modules based on service oriented architectures. By having these different modules interact together you can create network behaviors specific to your needs.”

The Linux of Optical Networking?

They add that “Using Service Oriented Architectures to control your network allows you to quickly add the newest components in your optical networks. ROADMs, Photonic Cross-Connects or any other Network Element can be controlled and monitored without any proprietary protocol.”

The next post will give a hint as to why this is a profoundly important development.

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