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From Dirk van der Woude to my mail list. The original article is in Dutch. Dirk translates.

Yesterday CEO Job Witteman and CTO Henk Steenman of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange received a group of journalists.

Today Planet Multimedia’s Peter Olsthoorn posted a report

Witteman explained that within the AmsIX, which in fact is a cooperative society of all connected service providers and tel/cable-co’s, arrangements were made on peering of video & audio traffic, resulting in a lowering of costs per movie from 20 eurocents to 1 and one month of IP radio from 23 to 1 cent.

It was announced that the Dutch public and commercial TV, the Dutch ISP’s and Ams-IX together have formed a Video Working Group. Other members are Deutsche Telekom, Global Crossing, Surfnet en videotechnology provider Dutchview. The group will work on 1) the best techniques on distributing IP video and subsequently 2) work out arrangements to share the costs of that best technical solution.

By the way, this month Ams-IX went through the 250 Gb/s peak load.

The ever increasing loads make it necessary for Ams-IX to go to new standards. Steenman said: “We ‘ll need a 100 Gb/s ethernet standard.”

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