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Amsterdam is the location of the largest confluence of Internet fiber in the world. The very existence of this fiber is providing new business opportunities beyond what people of my generation could ever have imagined.

Rock concert mashups! What’s that? you say. Here you go.

Simple Minds and Motorpyscho live. Mashed Up.

Still need to get a better grip on what the new world of Mashup business models really is leading to? Have a look at this new mashup service of Fabchannel: until now ‘just’ an award-winning website which gave its members access to videos of rock concerts in Amsterdam’s famous Paradiso concert hall. Not any more. Today Fabchannel launched a new, unique service which enables music fans to create their own, custom made concert videos and then share them with others through their blogs, community profiles, websites or any other application.

This is the first part of a Capgemini blog post. The rest is here.

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