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Where does one stop?

There was a footnote in one of the papers Nico sent me today.

“There will be in-vehicle videoconferencing with business relations, while passengers can engage in gaming when stuck in a traffic jam and the kids can get help with their homework by means of the on-board camera. All of this will become just as commonplace as using a mobile phone in the car. For information on current broadband ICT projects go to www.freeband.nl. ”

Cook’s Edge: So what is this “freeband.nl”? never heard of it.

But Take a look:

“Freeband Communication is a Dutch national research program aiming to create a leading knowledge position for the Netherlands in the area of ambient, intelligent communication. Freeband comprises more than 30 organisations, including all-important technology providers and many representative end-user organisations.

People today are surrounded by communication means. The last few decades have lead to an explosion of different means of communication. We are on the edge of a new ‘paradigm change’ which will move the centre of information control to the individual. He will become surrounded by “intelligent” electronic equipment that can provide almost all of their information and communication needs on demand: an ambient intelligent environment.”

Browse the projects page:


Architectural Modeling for Service Enabling in Freeband


Data communications in emergency situations through Cognitive Radio


context AWARE mobile NEtworks and ServiceS


The Future of Broadband, Multimedia Services in the Home


Dynamically Reconfigurable Broadband Photonic Access Networks


Better cooperation and care by smart context aware group services


Sharing resources in virtual communities for storage, communications, and processing of multimedia data


Development of a user centric ambient communication environment


Microelectronics for the Next Generation of Wireless Communication


Testbed for User experience for Mobile Context Aware applicaTions

Nor for that matter had i heard of Broadbandcity is an initiative from the municipalities of Eindhoven and Helmond in cooperation with Citylink Explore dear readers and enjoy.

Meanwhile Life on the Home Front

I hope I don’t offend but I am sadly reminded of this week’s New Yorker cover when I look at life in my own native land.


What a tragic misallocation of resources! And yes in the very lower right is an oil derrick aflame!

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